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Types  Of Home Builders


In America today there are three types of home builders. There is the high-end custom home builder, the production home builder, and the small hands-on builder. The trick for the buyer is to choose and pick the best match for their budget and home style demands.


The high-end custom home builders are professionals who work out of expensive offices and drive new vehicles and maintain the trappings of success that the upper-class like. They are characterized by pricing their work highly because they are very good at what they do.


A customs home plan will require an architect who will spend a lot of time interviewing the customer on what they need and when needed make corrections and revisions. A professional designer will be part of the crew and will partly help in decision making. The process of building is always lengthy and requires the builder's full attention so as to ensure that there is quality and coordination. This is definitely something that most new owners can't afford. Know more information here!


New owners can afford some variation of a production home builder's model homes. This has been the norm in America even now in modern times. Houses were being sold through mail order catalogs, and the system never changed because it was always okay. It enabled many people to get the American Dream. The dissatisfaction, however, comes when the buyers want attention to be paid to their individual home.


The production Holland Homes builders stick to the builder's stock plans and options, and that is what has enabled them to be proficient. The problem they have is that most builders after building 15 or 20 houses a year don't make any changes and rather chose to stick to what is comfortable to them. To combat this problem builders allow the buyers to purchase the product anytime before completion and select from a list of options. The home remains the builder's home until the final mortgage is paid.


The limitations of production home builders has led to the buyer looking for other options, and that is why we have the small hands-on builder. Some of these builders are new and build 3 or 4 houses a year. What they are looking for is a substantial income that can earn them a good living and that allows them to enjoy what they are doing. They take care of the new home buyers looking for something in between. The small hands-on builder gives the customer attention and welcomes their requests for individuality. Learn more about home builders at .